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Want to avoid “Reply-to-All” email spam? Use BCC!

Want to avoid “Reply-to-All” email spam? Use BCC!

The business world is still heavily driven by email. On a daily basis I’m bombarded by emails from colleagues, customers and partners. And that is just my work email account! I also have the same thing happening to my personal email accounts.

One of the problems with corporate email culture are emails including multiple participants. In this scenario every response is typically a Reply-To-All. What’s worse is that I also overuse Reply-To-All. Not anymore! This week I learned something new with using the blind carbon copy (i.e. BCC) email feature. Let me explain how ….

Earlier in the week I sent an email to a few colleagues requesting help (multiple recipients were in the TO field). I didn’t know exactly who was the right person to help me, therefore I had no choice but to send it to multiple parties. I received a response to my request and the responder moved all other participants to the BCC field; and he mentioned he did it in the email. He didn’t explain why he moved participants however it was obvious to me. He was avoiding the Reply-To-All spam. By responding to me and BCCing everyone else he knew that any subsequent response from me would not automatically spam the others. Ingenious!

I’m a stickler for email protocol. For example, when responding to emails I always make it a point in moving email participants between the TO and CC. It will depend on whether they should read/action an email or get it as an FYI. Now I have another great way of avoiding email spam with my colleagues! Suggest you both share this with others and try it out for yourself!