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Brad Revell

What do you want to know about Brad Revell? Have you ever been in a group where the facilitator asks each person to introduce themselves? They typically ask you to think about something fun or unique about yourself. Brad feels like he is that person who always has many things to share. The trouble is picking out which one!

Brad is a technology and sales executive living and working in London, England. He was born in Brisbane, Australia; however as a global citizen he has lived all over the world (e.g. Melbourne, Seattle, Los Angeles, London, New York City and Washington D.C.).

Brad has focused his adult life in education in order to learn and leverage for tomorrow:

Brad is currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Global Management with INSEAD. In 2017 he completed the Management Skills in International Business Programme in Fontainebleau, France. In 2018 he will be completing the Finances for Executives Programme in Singapore. Brad’s goal is to complete the course in 2019.

Brad is actively involved in public speaking as a Professional Speaker and with an organisation known as Toastmasters. He teaches speed reading with Iris Reading and is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.  Brad has garnered experience as a Group Fitness Instructor, an Electronic Music Producer & DJ, a Coach and has volunteered with Guide Dogs and Drug ARM.


Brad’s interests include health & wellness, reading, travel, music and technology and his posts will reflect those interests along with other observations that come to mind. Brad’s mantra is is to live life in “#permanentbeta”: always experiencing, reflecting, learning and growing. For that is what life is all about is it not?

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