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The Bounce Back Journey of Careers

Many people have experienced change in their careers given the last 18 months of COVID-19 pandemic impacts. I have been fortunate enough to know someone who has also been impacted however has positive stories to share to others of the experience.
The Bounce Back Journey of Careers

Today I caught up with a good friend of mine (Rupa Datta) who I haven’t seen in person since last year. It has been a busy year for both of us therefore spending a couple of hours catching up was time well spent. Rupa founded Portfolio People and I reference this concept on my Now page.

One of the fun things I found out today is that Rupa has been a contributor to two books in the last 18 months. The first (The Exceptional Sales Career) I knew about as Rupa and I participated as interviewees. We both shared our experiences in the sales world on what has worked and not worked.

What I didn’t know is that she has been involved in a second book called The Bounce Back Journey of Careers. Whilst I haven’t read or reviewed the book I’m very excited to read it given Rupa involvement.

Sharing this with my network on various channels as I know many have had to end one chapter of their career and start a new one.