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The Algebra of Happiness by Scott Galloway

The Algebra of Happiness by Scott Galloway

My Rating of “The Algebra of Happiness” by Scott Galloway: 8 / 10

Who would want to read a book about happiness from an NYU Professor of Marketing? Especially since at times he doesn’t have his own shit together? A good question. Other than to excuse the language in my previous sentence, my statement isn’t too far from the truth. Scott Galloway is someone that I continue to learn more from than anyone else in the last couple of years. He may have made many mistakes and failures. However his ability to distill down the key ingredients of happiness in this book is illuminating. Plus he is someone that makes me think differently and that is powerful stuff!

The book is aimed at younger people in order for them to think about what happiness means to them. Galloway writes on the concept of wealth, working out your burn rate, thinking about everything in terms of compound interest and to keep moving forward with courage because good things come to those who do. Galloway also writes about the difference materialism and experience; the latter for which I’m very passionate and focused on.

It’s a short read and a good check up to make sure your life is in order in accordance to the gospel of Galloway. Take a listen to the audiobook as it is written by Mr Galloway himself.

Three key takeaways from the book:

  1. The ratio of time you spend sweating versus watching others sweat is a forward looking indicator of you success.
  2. Following your passion isn’t the right decision. Follow what you’re good at doing and develop a passion and build off that.
  3. The law of kinetic motion applies to us humans as well. We work best when we are in motion both physically and mentally. The trick is to just get started!