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The 3-Day Effect by Florence Williams

The 3-Day Effect by Florence Williams

My Rating of “The 3-Day Effect” by Florence Williams: 5 / 10

The 3-Day Effect is a audiobook documentary which attempts to validate an experiment. The experiment is living in nature for 3+ days having a positive effect on a person’s psyche. Williams takes the reader on a journey showcasing various groups of people dealing with personal issues; whether stress, divorce, lost job, an incident or creative limitations. For example one interviewee (a city slicker) goes on a three day hike with the aim of gaining more creativity as an author. In this particular instance he has had significant writers block and had nowhere else to turn.

This is an Audible Original and the first I have listened to of its kind. It has a similar production to a normal documentary one could find on Netflix, except without the video component. With narration, interviews and findings you have all the components that make up a typical documentary. The book is short and therefore easy to get through. That said, the length also means the book doesn’t get into any great depth.

Whilst the journey was entertaining and interviews interesting there wasn’t really anything I took away from the book. With that said, we should all go out and be with nature a little more; that’s very obvious to me!