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Review: The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource

The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource
The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource by Jeffrey Gitomer
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The Sales Bible is a very comprehensive book that covers all aspects of the sales cycle. Whether you work in a large company with a rigid sales process or a small company selling new products this book will help. I haven’t read any of Gitomer’s other books and found this one to be the latest; hence why I bought it. Generally what I have found with authors is that they incorporate all the relevant and good aspects of previous books into the latest book.

It is a fairly easy book to read as it introduces the topic, sets out the typical rules, commandments or areas of focus in bullet points and follows up with a number of examples. My one criticism would be that these rules tend to be repeated across the chapters. I like to highlight and take notes in books, therefore the duplication became quite frustrating. With that being said, depending on the reader this could be a good thing for reinforcement of the theory.

It is certainly a book anyone can read, including an experienced sales person, as there are plenty of points to review and reflect on. It really is a bible on the sales process and a great resource to use over and over again.

Three key takeaways from the book:
1. How important humour is in the sales process. Using humour at the right time and in the right situations is critical for developing relationships and rapport with your customers
2. You will fail if you don’t do your best, learn the science of selling, accept responsibility, meet a quota/goal or have a positive attitude
3. Avoid using these words In the sales conversation: ‘Honestly’, ‘Truthfully’, ‘Frankly’, ‘Quite Frankly’ and ‘And I mean that’ etc.

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