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Review: The Royals by Kitty Kelley

Review: The Royals by Kitty Kelley

The Royals
The Royals by Kitty Kelley
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Years ago I was recommended this book by my Mother as she is a big follower of the Royal Family. Given I have read a couple of other Kitty Kelley books I took the plunge on this one. An important note about Kitty Kelley is that she is a very thorough biographer in that she took four years to research and write it along with hundreds of interviews with people in the know. She has been sued by most of the people she has written about. What’s interesting is that no-one has been able to win against her given the amount of research and sources she has; bottom line what she writes is rock solid.

With that all being said, this book does bring up all of the dirt from the Royal family. Is it warranted? You be the judge. I would have preferred a more balanced writing style that tackled both the good and bad things about the family. Yet it is quite eye opening to see the family as they are warts and all.

Three key takeaways from the book:
1. How powerful the Queen Mother was in her time. I believe the quote was something like “governed with a iron fist within a soft velvet glove”
2. The amount of secret lovers the members of the royal family have had. The only clean and respectable person in this area seems to be just the Queen
3. Although Dianna was portrayed as being the victim she was quite manipulative and caused problems as well

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