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Review: My Remarkable Journey

My Remarkable Journey
My Remarkable Journey by Larry King
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This is the second time I have tried to read Larry King’s autobiography and am glad I dedicated the time to finish it. I find at times reading the beginnings of biographies quite difficult because it is hard to relate to the person when you haven’t seen them grow up. Once you have made it to the stage of their life (when in the spotlight) is easier to do so.

“My Remarkable Journey” is certainly a warts and all story of Larry King’s life. He talks about money he has lost, regrets/mistakes he has made and the many marriages he has had over his 80ish lifespan. There are so many great stories packed into this book based on the people he has interviewed over the years. If you can make it part the first part you will be entertained for the rest of the book.

Three key takeaways from the book:
1. Memories are all we have. Lose them, and we have nothing. But memories touched by humor, those are the best of all.
2. Never go someplace else if it’s just for money. Because if it’s just for money, the first day you’re unhappy, you’re going to be upset with everyone who told you to go. Larry practiced what he preached for 25 years at CNN.
3. Larry King’s original name was Lawrence Zeiger

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