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First World Problems

One of the terms I have used a lot this year is “First World Problems”. For example, someone drops food on the floor and loses their cool because they cannot recover it. To me these things happen but you have to put things into perspective and not take it out on yourself or someone else.

Case and point I was on a flight from Indianapolis to Chicago and saw a series of events unfold due to the Flight Attendant performing a safety check and asking a lady to move her bag to the overhead bins. The lady loses her cool and the guy in front also loses his cool because he had to hold his jacket for a 30ish minute flight. I’m not detailing the half of it, yet I finally stepped in and said to both of them that there are people starving in Africa and they need to put this into perspective.

When something goes wrong in my life, whether it be in the work environment or in my personal surroundings I continue to put the situation into perspective. I have a roof over my head, food to eat every day, fresh water and good friends and family. I’m very lucky, so at times when things don’t go my way I think about the term “First World Problems”. I also say it to people I work and liaise with all the time. It has made people stop in their tracks and chuckle. You should try it!