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How time flys!

Today is my last day in Australia and am flying out to China this evening. I was very fortunate to spend a few weeks in my home country. Roughly 5 days in Sydney, 5 days in Melbourne/Victoria and 2 weeks in Brisbane. I was able to catch-up with friends, show my fiancé some sites and we were able to catch-up with friends and family. All in all a good time! Loved it, but where did the time go?

It made me think about how fast time goes every year. We all talk at the start of the year and how fast it goes by the end of it. Time measurement never changes. A second is a second everywhere. Yet the older I get the more I perceive it going faster. Why is that?

It is something I have been thinking for quite some time and it was only recently had an idea for why this is the case. Think about it … when we are 5 years old, we are comparing 1 year against the 4 years we have already lived. Not sure about you, however, I don’t remember much of the first four year of my life. That means that one year is being compared to memories, experiences, learnings of pretty much zero. Compare that to where I am today, in my late thirties. In this example I am comparing 2014 against thirty odd years of my life which contain a significant amount of memories, experiences and learnings. This year overall doesn’t compare to the sum of the thirty I have already had. There are some unique things that have happened in 2014 which are very special and I will treasure. Yet the sum of 2014 does not compare with the rest of the years I have lived.

2015 will be a very significant year for me as I will be getting married. My mother, father and brother will have significant birthdays. There will also be many things that will happen throughout the year that I’m unaware of. It will be interesting to compare that against the rest of my life. Again I don’t think it will beat 30 years, yet I know 2015 will go faster than 2014!