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Fiber Fueled by Will Bulsiewicz

Fiber Fueled by Will Bulsiewicz

My Rating of “Fiber Fueled” by Will Bulsiewicz: 9 / 10

Over the years I’ve read many health books more nutritionally focused. Whether its paleo, keto or fasting related I’ve kept up to date on the latest and greatest in wellbeing. With that said, it is always exciting when you pick up a book that results in many ah-huh moments!

Fiber Fueled is one such book. I’m a big believer of gut health. In particular the gut microbiome which plays a significant role the body’s immune system. Yet in general we either do not eat very well or we think we do. In the latter case Bulsiewicz argues for more a vegetarian/vegan approach yet stresses the importance of both fiber and plant variety. For example, the majority of so called healthy eaters do not hit the 30+ number of unique plants consumed in a week compared to our ancestors. This isn’t an ideal approach to a diet from Bulsiewicz’s perspective. Each plant provides something unique to one’s diet. Furthermore investing in said food will provide different benefits when raw compared to cooked. His advice in the theme of variety is to eat both (e.g. eat both raw and cooked carrot).

Over the past five years I’ve really focused on healthy eating and wellbeing. I’m always looking for the next idea in my nutritional journey and have found it with Fiber Fueled. Looking at my diet in a new way has motivated me to eat more of the rainbow and make sure that in a week I consume 30+ varieties of plants (along with some meat). As they say, it’s a journey not a destination.

Three key takeaways from the book:

  1. Don’t just eat more plants, more importantly eat as much variety of plants as you can. Biodiversity and food/plant rotation is key!
  2. Knowing the difference between prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. Most people know about the probiotics and that fermented foods provide these. There is much more to know in this area than I can realistically share in a takeaway!
  3. As a society we need to be consuming more fibre and in different varieties. This is fuel for superior gut health!