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A decision without action isn’t really a decision. Have you heard that quote before? It was from Tony Robbins. After reading it I had to reflect on the list of decisions I had made recently. What I noticed was the decisions I made in work situations were fast and came with swift action(s), yet in my personal life they hadn’t always come with the appropriate action.

Action is critical in everything we do. We do not move forward without action. If you decide to eat healthy yet continue to snack on junk food then your decision is absent of action. I remember a client I worked with a few years ago that would conduct meetings in which a topic would be discussed at length. At the end of the meeting a decision was made, however, nobody took ownership and there was no action or follow-up. This was detrimental to a successful project given how entrenched action is within a project management methodology.

The lesson for me is to think deeply (and quickly) before making a decision in all aspects of my life; not just work. Am I going to really action it? Important to always think in this manner.