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5 years away from Australia

We all know time goes really fast. Today marks 5 years since I have left Australia to live overseas. What an adventure I have had in that time. Some numbers:

5 – The number of times I have moved residence in that time

3 – The number of times I have moved countries (Australia -> USA -> UK -> USA)

1 – Residences I have lived at for more than 1 year

1,785,339 – The number of kilometers I have traveled on a plane or train since that time

128 locations – The number of locations I have visited (yes there are a lot of duplicates)

The experience has been amazing. I constantly refer to the movie “Good Will Hunting” when I  say ‘regret the things you do do rather than regret the things you don’t do’. I have no regrets, had some hardships, lost a long term relationship but not a friend yet gained an amazing new relationship in which I’ve never been happier (getting married next year!!). I’ve undertaken roles in various companies where I have met some smart people and helped companies add value to their customers and shareholders.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone to venture overseas to see the world even for a short time. It is very flat, accessible, fascinating along with experiences you will never get unless you do it. I miss my family in friends in Australia however with the technologies available today I keep in constant contact.