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Then It Fell Apart by Moby

Then It Fell Apart by Moby

My Rating of “Then If Fell Apart” by Moby: 8 / 10

This was a random pickup as part of my browsing on Audible. I’ve liked Moby’s productions since I was a teenager. Like most artists I listen to, I have no idea about their upbringing nor background.

Moby has written two biographies now. They are both about Moby’s story from a struggling life to one where his creations have entertained millions. They are starkly different biographies however. Then It Fell Apart is the real version of Moby’s life, warts and all. It charted Moby’s addiction to fame, alcohol, drugs, sex and ultimately depression.

This is why this book is quite special. Most authors with similar stories like Moby would sugar coat all the personal aspects about their life. Moby’s story was both truthful and refreshing. It is the resounding reason why money just doesn’t buy you happiness.

Whilst the book’s conclusion was quite abrupt it allows the reader to come to their own conclusions. I hope that Moby is back on track with his life and music creation! That said, in my experience the most creative artists are the ones that come with a lot of baggage.

Three key takeaways from the book:

  1. Money doesn’t buy you happiness!
  2. Drugs are bad! 🙂
  3. You can have too much of a good thing!

Note: Not really key takeaways but essentially the major themes of this book.