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Review: To the Cloud - Cloud Powering an Enterprise

To the Cloud: Cloud Powering an Enterprise
To the Cloud: Cloud Powering an Enterprise by Pankaj Arora
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“To The Cloud” provides a comprehensive overview of cloud landscape, how it has evolved and the considerations CIOs must take in the ever changing IT environment. The book focuses on four key pillars when migrating to cloud technology: explore, envision, enable and execute. IT departments must be able to understand what is technology is available to shift projects from running and growing the business to transforming the business. Building a business case for migration is easier than ever given the delivery models (xaaS), features (security, scaling, automation) and types (private, public, community).

Although the authors come from a Microsoft environment and background, they map out the considerations, risks and areas of focus when migrating legacy environments to the cloud.

Key takeaways:
1. Cloud isn’t just off premises storage or computing power. The National Institute Standards and Technology (NIST) defines cloud as:
a. On-demand self-service
b. Broad network access
c. Resource pooling
d. Rapid elasticity
e. Measured service
2. Analogy: CIOs are like gardeners. They inherit new trees, bushes, plants, grasses and deep intertwined roots. The maintenance is constant, the yard space is restricted, gardeners are costly, the flora keeps growing and requires more nutrients. The removal of trees can spark bureaucratic and emotional ordeals.
3. There is still no industry wide protocol standards for cloud services

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