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Taking a different path - Changing host providers and the difference in service

Today hosting a website is more like a commodity. I personally have hosted my domain name bradrevell.com for 10+ years with the same host provider. It typically works in that I get emails whenever they come through, the website is up (although it never had anything  on it), however, I never heard from the hosting provider whatsoever. I recently reviewed the costs I paid on a yearly basis and performed a comparison to other host providers out there. I used GoDaddy to compare against and was surprised at how much I was paying to what I could be paying. The main decider was the effort in moving from one host to another.

I took the plunge and have signed up to GoDaddy. What surprised me was that I received a call out of the blue a few weeks later from a GoDaddy support representative that wanted to thank me for joining GoDaddy and was calling to walk me through anything regarding the purchase, transferring my domain and using their services. I was gobsmacked.

Service like this is very rare in my opinion and it confirmed that I made the right decision in moving to another provider. Amazing what you learn and discover when you take a different path. Some of the bigger observations I know I will make in the future will be service related. So easy to do yet done poorly in my opinion.