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DMinder - My Vitamin D Tracking App

DMinder - My Vitamin D Tracking App

Last week I was listening to Tai Lopez’s podcast @tailopezand he was going through a lot of the applications he uses on the iOS platform. One of them he mentioned was Dminder.

The application allows you to record and track the amount of vitamin d that you get when exposed to the sun (note it also includes D from average food intake). It develops a profile based on your ethnicity and skin tone and will prompt you to select the amount of skin exposure based on what you’re wearing. Once that is all done it will track how much D you’re getting.

After using it for a few days I realized that I am really low in vitamin d and that it takes a lot of exposure over a good period of days to get to a good level of D. My aim is to get to a good level of D so that I can assess whether I’m feeling better or worse from the exposure and go from there.

Suggest you try it out.