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Anniversaries and Milestones

Reflecting on ten years as a couple and writing down the ten key pillars to a successful relationship.
Anniversaries and Milestones

Today marks 10 years when my wife and I started dating. It has been an incredible journey made up of some amazing experiences such as:

  • Moving countries (twice for me)
  • Long distance relationship for 15 months
  • Multiple sabbaticals
  • Family illnesses
  • Wonders of the world
10 Anniversary celebration @ The Hinds Head in Bray

Given the 10 year milestone we decided to write the 10 key things which have made us the couple we are. By no means are we perfect, yet it is these principles that are foundational and have guided us throughout the last decade.

We thought it would have been challenging to get to 10 yet it was easier than initially thought. Now they are written up we hope they can help guide you too:

  1. A couple name is mandatory (and fun).
  2. Know each other’s love language (read Gary Ghapman’s 1992 classic on this topic).
  3. Air your issues outside the house. No exceptions.
  4. Regularly get active together above and beyond the usual suspect.
  5. Experience trumps materialism.. always be learning.
  6. You’re a couple yet you’re also two independent people.
  7. Never keep score. Ever.
  8. Don’t take each other for granted (remember why you love AND like your partner).
  9. Have fun, be spontaneous and laugh a lot.
  10. Appreciation always.