Brad lives in #permanentbeta; always learning and experiencing! By day he is a technology executive and by night a lecturer, coach, speaker and avid volunteer. Brad is Australia born and has worked and traveled the world as well as lived in Asia, US, Europe and the UK. His mission is to bring the best out of people and has achieved this as a DJ, Aerobics Instructor, NLP Practitioner, Toastmaster, Speed Reading Instructor, Coach and Management Consultant.

Use your legs .. that’s what they’re there for

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On my travels I constantly see people just stand on escalators or travelators not moving one muscle. It made me think about three things we seem to always talk about: 1. We are...

The future of airline magazines

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It occurred to me of late that the future of airline magazines may be coming to an end. I take on average a minimum of 4 flights per week and haven’t touched an airline...

Taking a different path – Changing host providers and the difference in service

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Today hosting a website is more like a commodity. I personally have hosted my domain name bradrevell.com for 10+ years with the same host provider. It typically works in that I...

Better late than never

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After over ten years of owning the bradrevell.com domain name I have installed its first blog using WordPress. To be clear I have had a blog on Tumblr for a couple of years...