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It’s the little things ….

I have traveled through Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam’s main airport) many times this year. A stop to the toilet before boarding a plane is typically part of my routine. What I have noticed and paid little attention to is the little fly or golf icon that has been placed inside all of the urinals. For the ladies reading this, it is a little addition that makes a big difference. It helps us men think about aiming at something.

“A little change which has made a big impact.” It is a bold statement however I don’t need to research the statistics. I can easily guess the impact this would have on toilet cleaning costs. More importantly, It has made me think about the things I do in my life that are small in nature yet make a significant impact. Since 2015 I have been completing a morning routine that provides me with what I would call “life alignment”. It puts all the important things in my life in perspective so that I hit on them each and every day. Prior to bedtime I journal to reflect on the learnings, the successes and the failures of my day. Both examples take less than 15 minutes to complete; not much to ask as part of a day’s work. I have many others examples that I incorporate into my life which again are small but result in a larger impact.

What are some little things you can put in place that will make a big impact?

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