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The Four: The hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google by Scott Galloway

The Four: The hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google by Scott Galloway

My Rating: 8 / 10

Four of the most dominant technology organisations (aka horseman) are Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Galloway provides a detailed review of the four, starting with their respective DNA and how each company has grown in dominance. For example, I found that each company has had very driven founders; and each founder themselves have significant stories to tell.

I enjoyed Galloway’s insight and perspectives of these companies. He has created many start-ups and knows what works and what doesn’t. He provides a perspective on what has worked for each organisation and why they are in the position they are today. There was one section of the book where Galloway spent too much depth on his dealings in the industry; something that didn’t really interest me. Nor was it the reason I purchased this book.

This is a book I’ll read again given the amount of detail, statistics and learnings. Whilst “The Four” isn’t a timeless book it is a good stake in the ground for 2017. It is interesting to see the changes of each company today compared to the release of the book. Furthermore what they will do in the future and who may end up challenging them for the “Horseman” status.

Three key takeaways from the book:

  1. Interesting and relevant statistics: 44% of households have guns. 52% of households have Amazon Prime! Another one, 55% of product searches come from Amazon versus 28% from Google.
  2. What defines a horseman: Product, V-Cap (VC Capital), Global, Maternal, Vertical, Identity, Vanity and technically literate.
  3. The seven other companies vying for horseman status: Uber, Alibaba, Starbucks, LinkedIn (although now part of Microsoft), Telsa, Nike and Walmart.

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